Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow weekend...!!!

This is the second round of snow that Tennessee has been hit with in a 1 week period. February has always been our snow month but this is a bit much. I got 4 inches at my mountain home... Mount LeConte got 36 inches! WOW!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Snow Day!

The view from my house was BEAUTIFUL this morning!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Trisha Music on Myspace!!

If I haven't posted about this before I am now...
I have a music page on myspace at:
I put a new song up today so check it out!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Banjo Exhibition

I was very fortunate to be invited to attend a dinner with Matt Morelock and some of the banjo experts and builders that participated in this exhibit the evening before the reception. After the dinner we all went back and picked for hours. It was an honor to play with such talented musicians and even more so to sing for them. I would like to mention Jeff Menzies, a very talented sculptor, gourd banjo builder, and all around amazing musician from Toronto, Canada (*since he played bass the whole time he was here). I would also like to say that Ulf Jagfors, the lecturer from Switzerland and owner of many of the oldest instruments on display, was not only a wonderful musician but he could really put away some TN. moonshine! I regreted to have to end such a fun party but I knew there would be alot of the same going on after the reception the following night.
I attended the exhibit reception the next night. MANY Knoxville musicians showed up. Phil Pollard, Christa Daciccio and her John, Matt Morelock (of course), Sarah Pirkle, Red Hickey, Shawn McCullough, to name a few... The beer and wine was flowing and the food served was "Southern Specific": Hoe Cakes with molasses, Pinto cakes with Chow Chow (my favorite), bacon wrapped chicken liver, southern pate, and home made moon pies. There was live pickin' going on and the cherokee exhibit was empty and quiet so I got to tour it for a while. The banjos displayed ranged from the earliest of african "harp" types to ham-can banjos made by southern hillbillies. I was VERY impressed and would suggest it to anyone and everyone to go see!
When the museum started to kick us all out we fled to a restraunt while everyone else went to Laurel Theatre for a performance and talk by Matt Morelock. I ended up at Barleys' for beer and apps. with 5 lovely ladies (Karrie, Sandy, Anna, Sarah Pirkle, Leah, and me). We drank/ate and headed to Matts for the after party. We got some wine on the way and when we got there we were all ready to play some music. We sat around and played until everyone else showed up. When they got there (about 30+ people) it was another night of pickin', singin', and partying. I sang and played my rear off and got to hear some beautiful banjo and fiddle tunes by some guest musicians from Canada. I feel so lucky that I get to do these things. It is so good for the soul to make music with and around other people!
-So, if you get a chance go see the exhibit! It is a truly wondorous thing to see so many beautiful instruments in one place!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


If you haven't found it yet I have a blog just for my portfolio. You can go to the right of this page and click "view complete profile" and at the bottom of that page it lists my blogs. Choose the one that says portfolio and you can view my art. You can also go directly there at this URL:
- I also have a music account on myspace at the URL:
=go there and have a listen!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Blue Boy is getting bigger everyday... See?!

Been a while, huh?

X-Mas and New Years 2006...
Here is how it went:
Survived another holiday around my insane family. Spent lots of quality time with my dog and my guitar. Even got a little time on the old mandolin. Spent New Years eve eve (friday night) with Leva and Pirkle makin' some music - headed over to Matt Morelocks to play some music with "The Bearded". Got the banjos out, the dulcimer off the mantel, and a huge bodrum off the wall. An impromtu drumming occured and I chanted for everyone (a treat outside of a pow-wow). Did ALOT of singin' that night and fell into bed with red wine breath around 3 am.
New Years eve was spent on the couch most of the a.m. and early afternoon. Went to Heathers for the annual "family of friends" gift exchange and party down. Did some pickin' and singin' with Mark and Adam then headed over to the Marty/Christa party in historic Glenwood area of Knoxville. Gorgeous house filled with musicians and tons of good food. Had New Years gumbo for the first time since my Austin New Years (Barnz makes great gumbo)! Lots of booze was being poured, it was a Makers Mark night for me! Left after the countdown to make it home before the fuzz got crazy... it is a long drive through the country at night on New Years, but I made it just fine. Recooperated the next day and was ready to pick again! Guess that is the life I'd have if I didn't have to go back to my regular job to pay the bills.....

Resolutions: well, I hope to be playing out on a regular basis by this time next year... that is about it! And I am well on my way, so no complaints.

*I do have some regrets about not leaving town and heading south with my hashi Sarah, but there is always next year - or spring break.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Out on the town

Me and my best girl Sarah are going out!! I really like some of the pics I took with the reflections. I think I may have to add some of these to my portfolio blog!

Blue Boy Dec 17th

He is getting so big, and man what a bawl he has on him. Best watchdog I could have ever gotten!! He sure loves to curl up by the fire with me. My buddy!